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We managed to get two model shoots done while in lock down this week and wow what an experience it has been. Many thanks must be given to the 2 models Hannah and Yolanda for their time and paitence. I would also like to make a special mention to Fabio and Kev who without the perseverance and hard work, we would not have achieved the outstanding images that we did.

Unlike a normal model shoot you may have to work with limited light, confined spaces and poor or slow internet connections. Trying to get sharp images is very challenging and can be close to impossible. Perseverance, patience and determination will however get you some great results, so stick with it!

Key to getting the best you can from a video photoshoot is planning, preparation, Good internet coverage and great light. Great communication is important between the Model, the photographer and anyone else involved with the shoot. My advice is to speak to the model prior to the shoot and organise to look at the area first and then plan the shoot from there. If you would like to know more about a video link model shoot or you would like to book one please contact me. More images from both the shoots can be seen on Facebook.

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