"Coming to South Wales"

Due to the Co-vid 19 pandemic my return to model photography has been somewhat disrupted. Having said that what the pandemic and lockdown time at home have done is allowed me to book and create more dynamic and amazing shoots.

Finding a balance of different and interesting models is an art in its own right but I do think that my portfolio will be a lot healthier once I have completed the planned shoots.

Most excitingly Final Image Photography wish to welcome Katy Ann from Leicester who will be working with us on a number of planned projects, this includes a bigger project looking to be launched next year. 35year old model Katy told Final Image Photography this week that she is looking to follow her dreams and become an established model.

Getting to work with models allows me to meet and work with some great people and this is the most rewarding part about being a model photographer. Model Photography is a Niche Genre within the photography world but it can also be fulfilling when you get to help them reach their goals.

Not everyone that wants to become a model will become a super model but there is no harm in trying and aspiring to be the next Heidi Klum. If you follow your dreams then anything is possible. If you would like to find out more about modelling in the UK then why not contact me to find out more. Go to the contact page and fill in your details with your question.

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